#176 Robart Retract Pressure Guard

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Discontinued:  Re-engineering in process.  Check back periodically for the new and improved pressure guard!

Pressure Guard - Retract Air System Monitor (each)

When is the last time you had air leak and had to land on your belly? You've probably turned your TX on with gear up too? Not only is it embarassing, it's also a pain to fix and repaint your aircraft.

This unit costs less than a premium servo and will protect all aircraft with an air retract system. The unit simply sits between your retract servo, and an air system. When it detects a drop in pressure (that you set), the system will automatically drop your landing gear while there is still air in the system.

It will also prevent the retract servo from switching the air valve to the up position when you turn your radio on.

The Robart Pressure Guard system provides you with that extra piece of insurance to keep your investment looking and flying great.


Combine the Robart Pressure Guard with the Robart Digital Display (176D) to easily program the air system and the Robart Pressure Guard.

Save money by purchasing the Robart Pressure Guard Digital Display Kit (176Kit).