About Us


What we have available for Gear & RoboStruts, shows in on this page and is available for online purchase only.


When we designed Gears & RoboStruts, we did our best to use as many parts as we could that are used in other items we make. When we would manufacture the parts, we did so in bulk and then assembled items for stock and orders. Moving Forward we will continue to assemble Gears & Struts and post them online for sale as they are completed. Please see BACKORDERS below for more information.


We will continue to assemble any orders from our back order list with what we have available. While doing this, we will make as many of whichever product we are working on and list the additional items on this page for sale. Once these are gone, they are gone for good. If we are unable to complete all the items on your back order, a Robart Customer Service rep will send an email to the address we have on file letting you know what we have and don't have and offer to ship what we have or cancel the whole order. If the order is canceled and it contains discontinued items, we will re-post them here for sale.


Any item that allows back ordering is an item that we will continue to sell but are currently out of stock on. We will not continue selling any electrical components.


When are working as fast as we can to finish all repairs that we currently have in house. We will not take any additional repairs in without written consent from management. If you send in a repair without written authorization, you will be responsible for shipping costs to return.

We ARE NOT TAKING ORDERS for Gear or RoboStruts


If you are interested in spare parts, please follow the format below. If you send in a request for any items listed above, we will not respond to said email as we have many emails and phone calls to respond to as is.

  • Full Name, Address, Phone Number & Email. If you are located outside of the USA, we need your country and TAX ID if required.
  • List of part numbers in the following format (2 - #150E108A) The number “2” means two of that item. Only use Robart Item Numbers.
  • All e-clips, nuts, bolt, screws and similar are sold in packages of 6.
  • You MUST choose and note One. Will you take a partial order or cancel if we cant give you the full order. This means, if you order 20 items and we only have 15, do you want the 15 or want to cancel the order?
  • If you send in an order and then change the order, we will cancel it and not place another order. We do not have time or manpower to change orders once they are pulled.
  • Once we have this we will submit a sales order to be pulled and once everything is pulled, packaged and labeled the shipping department will send you a payment request.
  • Please pay this request within 24 hours of receiving it. If payment is not made, we will cancel the order and restock the parts for other customers.
  • Please DO NOT send an email to Customer Service stating you paid your invoice. The shipping department check these daily and will send out your order once it has been paid.
  • Please send request to: dannys@robart.com with subject line "SPARE PARTS"

This is the only way we are doing spare parts right now and once they are gone, they are gone for good.

If you are looking for BOTH Spare Parts and Finished Goods. Place your online order and then, send a message to dannys@robart.com with the above format and add the message "PLEASE ADD TO ORDER #000000


We are returning phone calls and voicemails in the order they are received which does take time. If your question is listed above, please do not leave a voicemail. Thank you.