FAQs | Robart Manufacturing

How much air pressure do I need in the air system to operate retracts?
Normal operating pressure is between 80 psi. - 110 psi. After checking pressure and gear, if your system is still not working properly you may need more air volume. Adding a larger air tank or a second air tank may cure the issue.

What kind of lubrication do I use in the air system components?
Use white lithium or silicone grease only. Using other oils or types of grease will destroy the “o”-rings in the air system and void the warranty. There are only 2 components of the Air System that will need further lubrication: 1. retract mechanism air cylinder “o”-rings, and 2. air control valve “o”-rings.

Can I buy individual replacement parts for my Robart Retracts or RoboStruts?
Yes, Robart sells replacement parts for all of its products. Please call or refer to the spare parts list.

Where can I buy replacement parts for my Robart Retracts or RoboStruts?
You need to contact Robart directly for all replacement parts. To order replacement parts please give us a call with the part numbers you need. Spare parts lists for all of Robart retracts are available on our website.

How do I diagnose an air leak in my air system or retracts?
In our website under “Support”, there is a troubleshooting guide on how to diagnose air leaks.

How do I send my Robart Retracts, RoboStruts, or Air System Components back for repair?
In our website under “Support”, please fill out the repair form. Print the form and ship it with
your items by either UPS or FedEx, or other trackable shipping methods, to Robart.

I ordered the wrong item. How do I return product merchandise?
In our website under “Support”, please fill out the return form, print the form and submit the form for an authorization number. Once you receive the authorization #, ship back your items by either UPS or FedEx or other trackable shipping methods. Only products bought directly from Robart may be returned to Robart within 30 days of the purchase date. Products purchased from other merchants should be returned to that location.

How do I order a Modification to a Robart Retract or RoboStrut?
Print off the dimension drawing that closely resembles the retract or strut you want modified. Mark up the drawing with your dimensions and fax it, your name, and contact phone number to Robart. Please call or email Robart to inform us that your drawings are being sent.