P-51D Mustang Vintage Collection

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Product Number: PPS-P51D00760

Clarence E "Bud" Anderson (born January 13, 1922) is a retired officer in the United States Air Force, a triple ace of World War II, and the highest living American fighter ace. During the war he was the highest scoring flying ace in his P-51 Mustang Squadron. Towards the end of Anderson's two combat tours in Europe in 1944 he was promoted to major at 22, a young age even for a highly effective officer in wartime. After the war Anderson became a well regarded fighter test pilot, and a fighter squadron and wing commander. He served his wing commander tour in combat in the Vietnam War and retired a full colonel in 1972. 

Available in Military Green in honor of Major Anderson and his service we are releasing this vintage tee shirt with the original P51D Blueprints and a full color rendering of the Majors Old Crow in the center.

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