#HA9-KI43KIT - Hangar9 KI-43 Oscar - Pneumatic Retracts and Struts

$ 402.44

Product Number: HA9-KI43KIT

Hangar 9 KI-43 Pneumatic Main Retracts and Struts (pair)

Image of the struts and pneumatic retracts coming soon!

These retracts are specifically designed for the Hangar 9 KI-43 Giant Scale ARF.  

This kit includes the following products:

  • Main pneumatic retracts (3/4" bore trunnion)
  • Scale Robart struts (3/4" outside diameter)

If you want the time tested quality of Robart retracts in your Giant Scale Oscar, then you need these retracts!

Dimension Drawings - coming soon

Spare Parts List - coming soon