#602 90 deg .15 - .40 Mechanical Nose Gear

$ 36.74

Product Number: 602

90 degree Mechanical Nose with 1/8" wire strut (each)

11/20:  Manufacturing delay.  We are currently experiencing a COVID-19 related delay from our parts vendors for this landing gear.  Therefore, this landing gear may have a delay of over 4 weeks.  We are taking orders and will have your landing gear completed once all parts are in our facility.

Constructed of glass-filled nylon, this unit has a positive tiller arm steering mechanism, positive up-and-down locks, a smooth, dependable cam operation, and a tempered-steel 1/8 inch wire strut. This retract unit is suitable for up to 5 pound models and can be operated on any standard or mini servo with more than 48 oz of torque.

(Servos Not Included)

Dimension Drawing

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 Weight: 1.7 oz.