#154 85 deg Main Retract w/6" P-51 Offset Strut

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85 degree Pneumatic Main Retract w/Offset Strut (pair)
This retract unit has an 11” long offset strut, and can use up to a 6” diameter wheel.

These retracts are designed for 20 to 55 pound models. Constructed from aircraft steel and aluminum, they feature positive up-locks, 5/8” diameter functional and adjustable 4130 chrome moly oleo struts for toe-in and toe-out tuning, triple sealed 5/8” diameter air cylinder, and 1/4” axles. The 90° strut angle accommodates wings with no dihedral and can be modified for rearward retraction. The 85° strut angle accommodates wings with dihedral.

(Robart Air Control Kit Required   Sold Separately)

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