#622P47HD Top-Flite P-47 Thunderbolt HD Pneumatic Main Retracts

$ 436.94

Product Number: 622P47HD

Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt ARF/KIT Heavy Duty Pneumatic Main Retracts with Offset Struts (pair)
(Includes Heavy Duty Aluminum Blocks) (for use in models over 26 lbs.)

Designed for use in the 1/5th scale Top Flite Giant P-51 P-47 Thunderbolt model. Constructed from aircraft grade aluminum and steel components, these pneumatically operated retracts feature positive up and down locks. Each retract has functional 4130 chrome moly steel struts. Designed for use with 5” diameter wheels. Struts are adjustable for height and toe in.

(Please Note: These retracts come with aluminum cam blocks that replace the original plastic cam blocks. The plastic cam blocks were designed to fail under severe load conditions to prevent the retracts from breaking out of the wing or causing damage to the retract unit itself. The aluminum blocks in these retracts will not provide this feature.) (Use at your own risk)

(Robart Air Control Kit Required to operate   Sold Separately)

Dimension Drawing