404C Model Incidence Meter - Version 2 - Cradle

$ 22.94

Product Number: 404C

Model Incidence Meter - Version 2 Cradle (each)

Convert your current Model Incidence Meter (404) into a Version 2 with this cradle.

404C Includes the following:

  • 1 cradle
  • 4 clear rubber straps

Easy Instructions:

  • remove the v-block legs from the parallel bar
  • slide off current analog device
  • slide on the cradle
  • reattach your v-block legs to the parallel bar
  • follow the remaining instructions to use a digital device for determining incidence
Simply download a leveling app from either the app store or google play on to your smartphone.  Mount your cradle (404C) to the meter bar.  Mount the appropriate arms to the bar and start determining your incidences.

This incidence meter is a must for setting proper thrust and wing/stabilizer incidences on a new model.

36 inch meter bar available direct. To Order Click Here

How-To Instructions