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3/4" diameter Straight RoboStrut (pair w/4 mounting brackets)

Based off the Robart 5/8" (15.8 mm) diameter RoboStruts, these RoboStruts were designed as a heavy duty fixed strut option for large scale RC aircraft's weighing up to 55 pounds.

These massive Struts have a 3/4" OD with twice the thickness walls of our standard strut while still offering real functional oleo's and torque links, that can be used on grass or paved airfields. Made from real aircraft grade materials, welded and heat treated components.

These RoboStruts are available in straight, and measure 14 13/16" from the top of the strut to the center of the axle. Primary designed to be used as fixed gear. These struts come with 4 anti-torque clamp style mount that allows for toe-in, toe-out adjustments.

Improve your handling during takeoff and look like a pro when you land, RoboStruts give you confidence, quality, reliability, and performance.

This item takes a minimum of 2 weeks to manufacture upon ordering.