#654 3/8" dia Fixed Steerable Nose Gear RoboStrut

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3/8" diameter Fixed Steerable Nose Gear with Fork RoboStrut for up to 2 3/4" Wheel (each)

Designed for use in model aircraft weighing 6 to 12 lbs. (2.7 - 6.5kg), the #654 Nose gear RoboStrut comes with mounting hardware for simple installation to firewalls. Other features include functional "oleo" action struts, made of 3/8" (9.52mm) diameter aircraft steel tubing, hardened steel steering tiller arm for positive ground control and a fork yoke oleo strut sized to accept up to a 2 3/4" wheel. Easy mounting to firewall with the included glass filled nylon mount. Can be adjusted for length. Work well on the TopFlite Cessna 182.

Includes 3/16'' Axle 

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