#691 1/3 Scale Balsa USA Piper Cub Landing Gear

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1/3 Scale Balsa USA Piper Cub Landing Gear (set)

For the Balsa USA and any other 1/3 Scale Cub's with a 9 1/2" wide Fuselage

Scale Cub Gear, featuring real airplane construction of aircraft steel and includes mounting hardware along with plated pins & screws. This gear features functional rubber bungees, is flexible under hard landings and limits bouncing like aluminum plate gear. Included in the gear is a drilling template for ease of installation and easily adjusts to existing planes. All parts are ready for paint and covering.

(Wheels Not Included)
(Scale Cub Wheels are made by Dubro that are available from your local hobby dealer or mail order house)

Dimension Drawing

Spare Parts List & Mounting Instructions