# 164E-VP NEW Rechargeable Electric Vacuum and Air Pump

$ 65.00

Product Number: 164E-VP


1 Rechargeable Electric Vacuum and Air Pump 

This unit not only has the same features as a 164E but it also has a vacuum.  This vacuum is perfect for cleaning up a small mess in your shop, at the field, or in your car.  The unit comes with a vacuum brush the will pick up the mess you just made in your car while affording the comfort of having a pump in your vehicle that will inflate most car tires.


NOTE:  This pump works well on most standard car and trailer tires.  It is a great tool to keep in your car.

  • Fill your Robart Large Air Tank in about 1 minute
  • Programmable pressure shut off with LED display and light
  • Rechargeable with built in battery (USB and DC/Car charging ability)
  • Includes the following:
    • Air Pump
    • Fill tube
    • Adapter fitting
    • 18 inches of air line
    • USB charging cord
    • Air Accessories (Pump tube, Air needle, air filling tip.)
  • Fill-chuck sold separately**
  • Additional charging and/or shipping restrictions may apply
  • Unit is 12" long with a 2.25" diameter