Shipping to Australia & New Zealand April 08 2014

Robart will be shipping to Australia and New Zealand using Federal Express International… We migrated away from the postal mail service due to long delays and the inability to track.  As always, our intent is to provide quality solutions to our customers.

All packages will be shipped by FedEx International Economy Express (Delivery 3 – 5 business days.)

Changes effective: 3/1/13 for Australia

Changes effective: 6/7/13 for New Zealand

Shipping charges:
Less than $100.00 USD (Estimate $35.00)
Over $100.00 USD to $499.99 (Estimate $58.00)
Over $500.00 USD (Estimate $86.00)
Please note these are estimated shipping fees. If the shipping charge is less, your account will be credited the difference. If your shipping charge is more, you will be notified by email of the difference for your approval.
We are sorry for the inconvenience. Robart Mfg.