Robart P47

$ 200.00

Product Number: Robart P47

Back by popular demand but only for 1 Modeller

Since starting here I receive a handful of emails and phone calls each week asking for the ever so famous, Robart P47 Kit. Which used to throw me off as it is well before my time.

Well, not anymore, mostly. We have the last remaining, ORIGINAL, Robart P47 Fuselage for sale. Original, Untouched, Bare Bones for the True Modeller that wants to stand out on the flight line.

Length: 1920mm

Wingspan: 2411

(This is a single, working unit sold AS-IS) - WHEN ITS GONE, ITS GONE FOREVER

This unit is priced at $200 + Shipping. Shipping will be determined after the order is placed. This is a large and heavy item.

75" x 21" x 19" box. Weight approx., 30lbs. Exact weight will be measured once order has been purchased. Customer pays exact freight.