#195L Large Scale Retract Air System Service Kit

$ 17.76

Product Number: 195L

Large Scale Retract Air System Service Kit (each)

This kit has everything to service three 1/2 bore and one 3/8 bore air cylinders, the control valve (std. or VR), fill chuck.

Robart and reliability go hand in hand, and we want your air system to continue to be reliable for many years. So just like any piece of equipment that has moving parts, your air system needs periodic maintenance to keep it functioning properly. Most of our flying sites do not have the luxury of paved ramps, taxiways, and even runways. That means your airplane is operating in a dirty environment, and dirt, sand and even moisture cause wear and ultimately failure. To keep your robart system reliable and operating at peak efficiency we recommend periodic maintenance and these service kits provide everything you need, even the grease.

Check and service your gear once a year, and keep a spare kit in your flight box.