#580RSE Electric Retractable Medium Tailwheel

$ 155.19

Product Number: 580RSE

#580RSE Electric Retractable Medium Tailwheel

Electric Retractable Medium Tailwheel 12 - 18lb Aircraft

This tailwheel is ideal for you mid-size ARF or Kit weighing up to 18 pounds.

(Robart Electric Control Unit Required To Operate)

Mounting Wheel Instructions: (Maximum 2" wheel)

Dubro or any other wheel with a solid hub

1) Using a 5/32" drill bit or reaming tool, bore out the center of the wheel to 5/32 to match the wire axle diameter.
2) Using a 3/8" drill bit or counter sinking bit.  Counter sink one side of the wheel 1/4" deep. 
3) Place wheel onto the wire axle with the counter sunk wide facing the oleo.
4) Affix the wheel to the wire axle using a common wheel collar.

Dimension Drawing

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