#PMMA0400 - 1/7 P-51 Mustang .46-.55 GP EP ARF 55.5"

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Product Number: PMMA0400

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**This kit was used by robart to design the gear to drop in. The skin is cut around the wheel wells so we could work on the design. Sold AS IS. Only 1 in stock.**
Sometimes, legends are made. With the P-51, North American Aviation gave the Greatest Generation the tool it needed to be truly great. To turn the iron boot of the Nazi war machine on its heel. To free the world. To win. Our radio controlled version is designed with reverent accuracy in mind—and ease for the builder. It’s packed with both scale detail and flying hardware. Retracts, fuel tank, landing gear – all you need is the power system and the radio gear. Fly the Mustang, feel the glory.
**Shipping quote is determined at time of shipment - robart will contact you with all options**
  • GP/EP compatible
  • Pre-covered in high-quality film
  • Removable top hatch for easy battery changes and radio setup
  • Light fiberglass cowl for elegant scale looks
  • Retracts with CNC suspension metal struts
  • High quality hardware package

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